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Born in 1968 on an island country Singapore with a strong believe and great passion for power and electronic technologies, as a company doing researches on power electronic and publishing technical notes for domestic and industrial users begins to grow and mature healthily. Very soon after the teething phase, we pioneered the legendary compact voltage stabilizer model 1626 for domestic appliances which was a big hit during 1970 in our neighbouring countries whereby the utility voltage stability at that time is still very poor. This success nevertheless has set up the pedestal to be become a leading power equipment company in the future. By gearing up with full range of power equipment such as stabilizers, transformers, power supply, rectifiers, inverters, frequency converters, regulators, etc... and a strong, well trained sales and technical team, we are fortunate to ride on the waves of foreign investment influx to Singapore. The factories infrastructure setup needs by the multinational companies from Japan, America, Europe, etc... had generated strong growth for us and Singapore industries. With our good reputation whispering clearly both local and aboard which provided us with many business opportunities from Asean countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, etc.. , this solid foundation also enables us to expand into the international market such as America, United Kingdom, Middle East, Australia, etc.. Now, our business in Singapore covers manufacturing, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, marine, offshore, aerospace, education and military in many countries around the world.

Our Mission

  • Products
    To always innovate and build top quality power solution products at affordable cost which will generate business growth together with our customers.

  • Services
    To always passionate and competence about our services and to become our customers most trusted partner in power solutions.

  • Community
    To always respect and honour the languages, cultures, customs, religions and laws of all nations and races as a good corporate citizen of the world.

  • Environment
    To always provide power solutions which are very friendly to our environment and non taxing to our Earth scarce resources.

1IGBT Modules

IGBT is power semiconductor device which stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is in a module form or construction usually has three main terminals.

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The frequency converter is a machine which can convert the voltage and frequency of a AC power source to a new AC power at a required voltage and frequency with electrical or galvanic isolation between the two AC power.

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Nuisance, unpleasant or sometimes scary tripping of circuit breakers either local or up stream is a phenomenon which usually experienced or occurred when turning on a transformer.

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The voltage of our AC power sometimes fluctuates higher or lower than the nominal value due to various reasons.

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