10Special Custom-Made and Military Equipment

Other than our standard products and equipments, we are also a supplier of military equipment and able to custom-made special equipment according to client requirements.

As long as, it within our capabilities, there is no limit on the possibilities on what we can do for you.

So, simply gives us a call and let us seat down together to work on the challenge of your requirement.

Some of our custom-made special equipments

HV Transformer
60kV 500 ~ 10000Hz HV Transformer for fluid mechanic wind tunnel laboratory laminar and turbulence flow research works.

Voltage Dip Tester
This dual voltage dip tester is designed and built to simulate 10~100% voltage dip with the dip duration ranging from 0 ~ 3000ms.

Current Injector
Dual channels 1000mA and 300mA current injector with manual or automation current injection.

Leakage Tester
Multi-channels 600V 1mA current leakage tester

Dynamic UPS
150kVA dynamic UPS

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