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It is fascinating and honour to have you visiting us. AELCO is the home to the people who knows power electronic best since 1968. If you have a power problem or requirement then you need not look further as we are the people with passions, knowledges, experiences, products and facilities to provide solution in assisting you to bridging the power gap in your quests or challenges. Simply takes a short tour in our website to know us a little better and gives us a call or sends us an email. By working hand in hand, together we will be propelling into the future with everlasting and innovative green power solutions.

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    To always innovate and build top quality power solution products at affordable cost which will generate business growth together with our customers.

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    To always passionate and competence about our services and to become our customers most trusted partner in power solutions.

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    To always respect and honour the languages, cultures, customs, religions and laws of all nations and races as a good corporate citizen of the world.

  • Environment
    To always provide power solutions which are very friendly to our environment and non taxing to our Earth scarce resources.

1IGBT Modules

IGBT is power semiconductor device which stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is in a module form or construction usually has three main terminals.

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The frequency converter is a machine which can convert the voltage and frequency of a AC power source to a new AC power at a required voltage and frequency with electrical or galvanic isolation between the two AC power.

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Nuisance, unpleasant or sometimes scary tripping of circuit breakers either local or up stream is a phenomenon which usually experienced or occurred when turning on a transformer.

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The voltage of our AC power sometimes fluctuates higher or lower than the nominal value due to various reasons.

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