9Load Bank and Rheostat

We offer many types of resistive load banks including some inductive and capacitive models. Among them, the slide rheostat manufactured by YAMABISHI is a special type of resistive load bak where the resistance value can be adjusted via a patented sliding mechanism on wound resistor which is either single core or dual core. These load banks are very import and popular equipment in laboratories apparatus, manufacturing quality control process, school experiments tools, special control instruments, etc..

Some of our load banks are available for short term rental or long term leasing purpose and we also welcome customizing load bank to suit your requirements.

Load Banks and Rheostats

Capacity 60W up to 3600kW
Number of Phase 1 Phase or 3 Phase
Operating Frequency DC, AC 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz or others on request
Voltage up to 10,000V
Adjustment multi-step type or continuous variable sliding type or both combination with coarse and fine tuning type
Cooling Air natural cooled, with fans assisted or with fans forced cooled
Enclosure Rugged steel enclosure with paint finishing suitable for indoor or outdoor use

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